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The Lazy Stylist was founded by Courtney Freeman, an interior stylist and product designer based in Sydney Australia. With a vision to offer exclusive and design-driven furniture that embodies the essence of modern living, Courtney established TLS to cater to the discerning tastes of design enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from a combination of mindfulness, innovative design, and minimalist interiors, Courtney's design language is a perfect blend of sophistication and fun.


Our name, The Lazy Stylist, is a nod to the benefits of slowing down and taking time to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. We believe that there is immense value in taking a break from the fast-paced world we live in, and our furniture is designed to help you do just that. 


We manufacture our furniture in small quantities, ensuring that every item receives the utmost care and attention. By focusing on small-scale production, we prioritise the art of craftsmanship and maintain a level of exclusivity that allows us to create truly exceptional pieces.


Our commitment to slow interiors means that we take the time to create furniture that is made to age gracefully. We believe that furniture should be an investment, both in terms of quality and longevity. By using premium materials and employing skilled artisans, we ensure that each piece is built to withstand the test of time, becoming a cherished part of your home for years to come.


Thank you for choosing The Lazy Stylist. As an Australian-owned and run business, we greatly appreciate your support. We look forward to helping you create a home that reflects your unique style and fosters a sense of tranquillity and warmth.


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